Kostas’ Convenient Bride Finished!

on October 11, 2017 Lucy 1 Reply

Lucy has a publication date for her completely finished and edited manuscript, Kostas’ Convenient Bride (Harlequin Presents).

Look for it May 2018 (and the connected story of Kayla’s sister soon thereafter).

Her boss needs a bride… Can she step out of the shadows and down the aisle

Discovering her boss, billionaire tycoon Andreas Kostas, must marry is devastating for Kayla. Until Andreas proposes that Kayla wears his ring! Having experienced the incandescent pleasure of his touch, she’s hidden her yearning for him ever since. It’s the proposal Kayla’s always dreamt of, but dare she risk her body and heart to become a convenient wife?

The cover model shoot has already happened at the Harlequin Toronto offices and Lucy can’t wait to see what HM&B/Harlequin comes up with for cover art to represent Andreas and Kayla!


One thought on “Kostas’ Convenient Bride Finished!”

  1. Felicia Walker-Stephens says:

    Loved the book….thank you for not dwelling on how the characters were different, but what they felt for each other and how they balanced each other. Unlike some other books with a minority character I loved that this book was not about the person trying to “pass” or being ashamed of where they were from. I only wish she’d had a female friend, or that there had been more of a hint that she had pursued her own life within those six years….but ultimately I think it is not unrealistic for friends to be perfect for each other and not realize it. It was a great read, but I have always Lucy Monroe books in the HP series.

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