3 Brides for 3 Bad Boys Trilogy in Kindle Unlimited

on August 17, 2022

Rand, Colton and Carter have new covers for their move into Kindle Unlimited. If you are subscriber, now is your chance to read “…the perfect collection of romance, passion, steaminess, sassiness and intricate storylines that hook a reader immediately,” according to Road to Romance reviews.

2005 Travelogue for Australia by Hubcap

on August 9, 2022

My husband used to write travelogues for our trips. They always made me laugh. This is one he wrote for our trip to Australia in 2005. Wish I could find the one he did for New Zealand that same year. 🙂 _________________ As part of the Monroe family journey to the South Side, we now

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The Business vs. the Creativity of Writing

on August 4, 2022

Writing for publication is a business, but it is not only a business. It is a creative endeavor but not only a creative endeavor. Finding balance between those two truths creates a lot of tension in the writer’s psyche. In fact, it can be paralyzing to both creativity and forward career momentum when the two

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