• Lucy is writing a series of blog posts on recovering from burnout.

    Deadlines aren’t for Everybody

    This is the 1st in a series of blog posts about recovering from burnout, something I am all too familiar with. Deadline’s aren’t for everybody, but they are an integral part of the publishing process.  And if you cannot make and meet them, you will be hampered in your ability to achieve commercial success as

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  • Long Awaited Book 6 in the Children of the Moon Coming in October!

    Viking’s Moon

    Children of the Moon Novel #6 Lucy Monroe LLC ISBN-13: 9781688796034 ISBN-10: Coming: 10/22/2019 A warrior princess and a Viking are destined to meet and destined to mate, but what happens when destiny is denied? Neilina is wolf shifter and conriocht. Haakon shifts into a sabretooth tiger, asmundr – the ultimate guardian of feline shifters.

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  • Harlequin Bianca by Lucy Monroe

    ¿Buscas un libro de romance lleno de emoción? Lee a Lucy Monroe.  


  • New Book in the Northern Fire Series

    Hot Alska Nights

    Northern Fire #2 Lucy Monroe LLC ISBN-13: 9781079551730 ISBN-10: 1079551735 Originally published: 08/22/2019 The days may be cold, but the nights are red hot in USA Today bestselling author Lucy Monroe’s Northern Fire contemporary romance series. Deborah Banes gave up her family for her dreams and when the role of a lifetime requires a location

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  • Out Now

    The Spaniard’s Pleasurable Vengeance

    Connected to Kostas’s Convenient Bride Harlequin Presents #3662 ISBN-13: 978-1335419774 ISBN-10: 1335419772 Originally published: 10/01/2018 His plan is merciless revenge. His method is sizzling pleasure! Ruthless tycoon Basilio Perez, famed for his familial loyalty, has a new target in sight. Miranda Smith is poised to bring the Perez name into disrepute – she must be

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    About Lucy

    With more than 7 million copies of her books in print worldwide, award winning and USA Today bestseller Lucy Monroe has published over 70 books and had her stories translated for sale all over the world.  While she writes multiple subgenres of romance, all of her books are sexy, deeply emotional and adhere to the concept that love will conquer all.  A passionate devotee of romance, she adores sharing her love for the genre with her readers.

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    Lucy's Latest

    New Book out By Lucy Monroe: Hot Alaska Nights

    Internationally Bestselling author Lucy Monroe has a new book out! The long awaited second book in her Northern Fire series, Hot Alaska Nights is out now. Self made billionaire, Rock doesn’t live by anyone’s rules but his own. He’ll be damned if he’s going to let the bright lights and big stars of Hollywood intrude

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    Reader Review

    “Lucy Monroe has a way of turning a traditional storyline into a refreshing one by using a different approach vs. the tried and true.”

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    “Lucy Monroe gives readers a well crafted story of danger and desire; a skillfully woven blend of mystery, love and passion.

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    The Romance Reader’s Connection

    Lucy Monroe excels at the short and the sexy.

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    Reader Review

    “The characters are well rounded and compelling. The writing is crisp and flowing. You can’t go wrong in this latest book by the talented Lucy Monroe.”

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    Lori Foster

    NYT Best Selling Author

    “Thank you for writing those alpha heroes I love.”

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