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     Jason Aaron Baca, Romance Cover Model born and raised in Los Gatos, CA. Played high school & college baseball before turning his attention to acting.

     Jason began his short film career in Nash Bridges (1996) in 1996. He continued acting and residing in the Bay Area before moving on to modeling. He was discovered by a photographer on location for I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) where he had been doubling for Freddie Prinze Jr.. Jason went on to pose for some of today’s top magazines including Industry , Men’s Workout, Men’s Fitness, YMLA Magazine, Hong Kong Silk, Joe Boxer Int., For Women UK, InStyle Magazine, Playgirl, and many others. He has been linked to actress Jennifer Love Hewitt as well as a former Miss Florida.In 2005, Baca began modeling for romance novel covers. As of August 2014, he has graced the covers of over 250 romance and sci-fi novels. Jason is known best for his candid interviews with numerous author blogs expressing his concern for smooth skin and maintaining good health.

In 2011, he appeared in Men’s Fitness Australia, Exercise & Health Magazine, Men’s Workout, Optimyz Fitness and Scene Bay Area doing various interviews on how to stay fit and younger looking.

Behind the Scene with Jason Aaron Baca

Q: As a cover model who does some of your own photo shoots, what determines the type of shoot you are going to do?  How do you choose the editorial direction of the shoot?
Jason: Well I have several photographers in my area that shoot me on a regular basis. One of the main ones is a photographer in Santa Cruz (Portia Shao) But a lot of work may come though my management so it really depends. But if it’s a shoot where I’ll be selling the material, I go over with the photographer ahead of time what theme we’ll be shooting for. We put our heads together about lighting, poses, concepts so that we kind of have an idea where we are at once the shoot date comes up.
Q: Have you done photo shoots on location?  If so, do you have a favorite place or time of day to shoot and why?
Jason : As a matter of fact, yes, I have shot on location plenty of times. My favorite place was up in the mountains where there were tons of oak trees and meadows. There’s something about trees that I love in my shots.
Q: Tell us a quick story about the best shoot you’ve done…or the worst…or the funniest. (Or all three.)
Jason: Well my best shoot was probably my last one here. These shoots seem to just keep improving and the photographers I work with become more and more advanced with their lighting and ideas. It would be hard to pick out just one shoot that I’ll loved above all though. I’ve had fun all the way through since it’s something I really wanted to do when I originally began all this.
Q: What was the first romance cover you were on?  What is the latest?
Jason : My first cover I was on was “The Legend Of Michael” by Lisa Renee Jones. The latest is “Dare To Submit” by Carly Phillips.
Q: Do you enjoy attending romance reader events?  Do you have a story to share from one?
Jason: Ok this may come as a surprise to you but I haven’t gone to any of the events… yet…  I’m extremely shy when it comes to that stuff. I mean, I’d love to walk into an event like that and meet the writers, I just see it as it may be a bit overwhelming. I’d get the idea that there would be multiple people talking to me all at once. I like to be able to give people my undivided attention. So because of this, I don’t attend. I may change my plans in the future about it though. That is my story…
Q: I know you have a strict regime for staying in shape for your career.  Please, share a single favorite fitness and/or “beauty” tip with readers.
Jason: Aww… I see you are after one of my secret beauty tips…. Ok… Well I do believe in taking excellent care of my body and face. I feel that it is important to keep my face looking healthy and smooth. I live in a low fat balanced diet eating only the freshest, highest of quality of foods. Foods packed with protein, vitamins and minerals to feed my thirsty muscles for it’s rigorous workout that I put it through daily.
   After a long workout in the evening I get home and take a warm steam shower. I usually begin with a refreshing Tea Tree Body Wash followed by a “Wild Mango Body Scrub” which helps exfoliate my skin and rid my body of any clogged pores.
For my face… I use a Seaweed Pore-Cleanser which is a “soap-free” scrub that cleanses my face and removes any dead skin, oil or impurities.
   After the shower I towel off and apply an Aloe “Calming” toner which has moisturizer in it but also instantly comforts, smooths, and softens my skin. Then I apply a Vitamin E with a low SPF. I prefer to use one that is non-greasy. Greasy moisturizers cause breakouts which make you look unattractive.
Q: Many models also pursue other careers in the arts.  Are you doing so as well, or is modeling your primary passion?
Jason: Yes I have other passions in my life but as for a career goes, the romance novel book covers are my main thing. I tried my hand at acting back in the late 90s up through early 2000’s but I found out that I can’t act good at all. I freeze up when they say “action.”
Q: As a romance novel cover model, you represent a powerful and passionate genre filled with heroes of every shape, size and vocation.  What character trait makes a man heroic in your eyes?
Jason: Great question! I can say that I’ve seen a lot of these covers over the years. I see what is trying to be portrayed in them. Some are very well put together and I’ve even found myself saying “man… I wish I had that attitude!” I guess if I was to be a publisher, what would I look for in a character trait would be the confidence that is put out there… In other words… does the guy look like a confident Gladiator or Soldier? Does the shot pop out at you right away? if so… you got your hero!
Q:  If you could do a cover photo shoot anywhere in the world where would it be and what type of hero would you be portraying?
Jason : Well another nice question! I’d probably choose Hawaii because its so beautiful over there.. And I’d be the hero that makes the girls wish come true after she goes after him.
Q: What is your go to television show?  Who is your favorite character on it?
Jason: Three’s Company … And my favorite character is Jack of course. That guy is a riot..  You don’t find creative actors like that everyday..
Q: What is your favorite super hero movie?
Jason :  don’t have a favorite super hero movie but I do have a favorite fantasy movie “Clash of the Titans” (1981)
Q:  If you could be any super hero, who would it be and why?
Jason: Superman of course… And if anyone asks why… common.. it’s Superman.. doesn’t get better then that.
Q:  Name three items on your Bucket List.
Jason: 1st would be taking a trip to Antigua. I’ve always wanted to do that. The second and third items are special wishes.. I’m sure they’ll be checked off 😉
Q: What’s your favorite comfort food?
Jason: Sushi! Uni Sushi! and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.
Q: How do you like to spend your off time?
Jason: I like to spend my time off thinking about how wonderful this whole journey has been 🙂  I’m one happy camper!
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