Highlander’s Moon – September 2022

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Highlander’s Moon, the 8th book in my Children of the Moon series (and the second set in the Regency Era) will be out in September of this year. I’m so excited for readers to get this story as it’s a retelling of a steamy Regency historical novel I wrote a while back I always felt would have made an even better paranormal romance. Eamon is Chrechte and Catherine is a bluestocking Englishwoman. It’s a match made by destiny, but this spinster isn’t settling for anything less than love. And readers will get to revisit some of the characters from previous books in the Children of the Moon universe. Here’s the Dedication & the Dear Reader letter I wrote for the story:


For all the Children of the Moon readers whose love for this world and its characters have kept the stories alive for me, and most especially for Annmarie Anderson & Bethanne Hollister, who helped me come up with the title for this book. Thank you both, and warm hugs for all your support over the years for my writing. Also, with a nod to Ed Cowles, who shows such fun enthusiasm for each new release in the series. I hope you like your namesake, Éamon, which is the Old Scots Gaelic form of Edward and find him a hero worth reading. And Catherine, you know what your friendship has meant to me over the years. I couldn’t think of a better name to give this heroine.

Dear Reader,

I’ve always thought Annabelle’s Courtship was meant to be a shifter book, and this past year, I decided to do something about it. So, I’ve rewritten the story in Children of the Moon universe. For those of you familiar with Annabelle’s Courtship, you will no doubt notice this. I’ve made no attempt to hide the original story, but enhance it by layering in the elements of my Children of the Moon world.

However, Highlander’s Moon has some major plot changes and the last third of the book is almost completely fresh writing as the story diverged significantly from the original. There is a little Easter egg for readers of AC and if you notice it, I’d love to hear from you. I’ll give you a hint, it’s subtle, kind of a nod to the path not taken in this book.

I’ve had so much fun with this project and bringing back some of the characters from the original medieval Children of the Moon books. It’s my sincere hope readers will enjoy this retelling as much as me.

Hugs and happy reading,


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