Craft of Writing Series by Lucy Monroe

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Anyone who knows me well, knows I love to mentor and to teach.  My agoraphobia had already curtailed my opportunities to do so (limiting my travel to the few months of summer when it’s most under control) when COVID-19 hit.
And I realized I could keep mentoring if I was willing to put myself out there in video format.  This is not easy for me as I often feel judged for my size and mental health.  But if I can help other authors follow their dreams?  I’m going to try!
So, I have started a video series you can find on my YouTube channel on the Craft of Writing.
I will add to this post with research/informational links for each video as they go up, but I am not repeating the information I give in the video.
Characterization: Writing the Three Dimmensional Character
Part 1: The Physicallity of our Characters
Part 2: Personality and Character Traits

Myers Briggs Personality Types

Dr.Gary Smalley & Dr. John Trent Define Personality Types with Animals

Ned Herrmann Whole Brain Model
Come back for more links related to new video presentations.

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