Italian Mafia Hierarchy

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Cosa Nostra Territories:

New York: Five Families
Bonanno (Queens), Colombo (Bronx), Gambino (Staten Island), Genovese (Manhattan), and Lucchese (Brooklyn): each founding mafia is led by a don who could be from any of the families loyal to them.


New York Genovese family

Don/Boss: Severu De Luca
(Also known as The Genovese and King of New York)

Underboss: Miceli De Luca
(Severu’s brother)

Consigliere: Big Sal De Luca
(Severu’s uncle)

Capos: Domenico Bianchi, Salvatore De Luca (Severu’s cousin), Tomasso Marino, Niccolo Costa, Lorenzo Ricci & Stefano Bianchi

Head Enforcer: Angelo Caruso
(Also known as Angel of Death)

Luigi, Carlo, Aldo (Severu’s men)
Fausto, Marco (Big Sal’s men)

Las Vegas

Don/Boss: Patrizio Mancini

Underboss: Raffaele Mancini


(Don: Pietro Russo)

New England

(Don: Unnamed)


(Don: Lombard)

The Cosa Nostra is known as the Lombardi Family, despite the Americanized name for the don’s family.

Chicago aka The Outfit

(Don: Unnamed)

* All names and positions are fictional or used in a fictional capacity, a product of the author’s imagination, loosely based on La Cosa Nostra structure in America.

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