Greek Mafia Hierarchy

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Ádis Adelfótita | Hades Brotherhood
Territory: West Coast & Parts of Western Canada

Nonós tis Nýchtas | Godfather of the Night
Constantin Petros

Kai | Second-in-Command
Tobias Nikolaides

Eidikós | Specialist: Lawyer
Vasileos Rokos

Anax | Head of the Local Territory (Portland)
Zeus Rokos

Kai | Second-in-Command
Orion Rokos (Lawyer)

Eidikós | Specialist
Enforcer & Assassin
Atlas Rokos

Eidikós | Specialist
Bookkeeper & Club Manager (in charge of money laundering)
Helios Nikolaides

Eidikós | Specialist
Smuggling & Weapons (has become the legitimate face of the Hades Brotherhood in Oregon)
Zephyr Nikolaides

*While the criminal syndicates found in this book are loosely based on known hierarchies within Greek mafia and Russian bratva organizations, they are fictional. They do not represent any actual mafia or bratva family. Nor are their hierarchies meant to be an exact replica, but rather inspired by research.

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