An Heiress for His Empire – HQ Comics

Harlequin / SB Creative Corp.


ISBN-13: 9784596261816

Release: 05-27-18

Madison Archer’s life is in a tailspin. After confessing her love to Viktor Beck half a decade ago to no avail, she’s become the scandal siren of the gossip rags. Stories about how she’s into S and M, polygamy and other activities that the board of her father’s company would question have led to an ultimatum. She is to marry a suitable man, have his kids and groom them to take over the company. If not, the company will ruin her best friend’s family’s business. Maddie decides to play by their game for her friend’s sake and at the cost of her own love life, but when her cold and calculating groom enters the room, Maddie’s conflicted. She can save her friend, but she must marry the man who turned her down so coldly six years prior: Viktor Beck. Does the man she once loved truly love her now, or is all this just a power play for her company and her obedience?