2017 Christmas Coda

The Greek Tycoons

Connected to Lucy’s
Harlequin Presents


BN ID: 294-0158836176

Originally Published: 12/12/17

From internationally best selling author, Lucy Monroe, comes a series of vignettes in the lives of reader favorites from her Harlequin Presents.

What you won’t find…a typical book with a beginning, middle, story climax and ending.

What you will find…sometimes sexy, sometimes deeply emotional, and other times light and short, glimpses into the lives of the main characters from each of Lucy Monroe’s Greek tycoon books written for Harlequin Presents. Some vignettes are a mere breath as she peeks in and answers the question, “What are they doing now?” Others in the collection are close to full on novella length. Some are sexy, some are not. All answer that question readers have asked her so often, “What happened after the HEA?”

This is *not* an anthology of novellas, or even short stories. It is a gift to the readers who get so caught up in the characters’ lives, they can’t help wondering, “Did they have a boy or a girl? Are they still happy ten years, fifteen years, twenty years on?”



Dear Reader,

Over the years, I’ve received countless questions about what happened to this or that character, did they have a baby, was the baby a boy or girl, what are they doing now?

Some characters have gotten cameos in other books, like Leiandros Kiriakis from The Greek Tycoon’s Ultimatum.  He showed up in The Greek’s Christmas Baby, but was also mentioned in Not Just the Greek’s Wife.  Sebastian Hawk showed up in other books, both before and after his own book (Forbidden: The Billionaire’s Virgin Princess) was written.

In fact, he has a cameo in my upcoming May release, Kostas’s Convenient Bride.

But ever since reading the yearly Christmas Codas put out by one of my favorite authors, I’ve toyed with the idea of doing my own.  Now that I’m writing again, I was delighted with the prospect of fulfilling that dream.

My 2017 Christmas Coda: The Greek Tycoons was a pleasure and a joy to write.  I had a lot of fun re-reading all of my Harlequin Presents Greek Tycoon books and reacquainting myself with the characters before writing their vignettes.

These vignettes are not intended to be books, or even novellas.  They do not follow typical story structure with a beginning, a middle, a story climax and an ending.  The beginning for each vignette was the book it’s based on.  Simply put, these are Codas, the asked for glimpses into the lives of favorite characters.

Each of those glimpses is different.  Some are very short, others are near novella length and the rest fall somewhere in between.  A few are sexy and sensual, all are a bit emotional, but a couple will take you on a new heart-wrenching journey with the characters.

All answer the question, “What happened after the HEA?”

It is my sincere hope that you, my reader, will find as much joy reading these peeks into the lives of the characters as I had writing them.

Love and Hugs,


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