Flash Point

Northern Fire #3

Lucy Monroe LLC



Coming: Unknown

It only takes a spark to start a fire . . .

After losing the love of her life, Savannah Rutherford knows that if she doesn’t do something drastic and get back to the business of living, it will be her young son who suffers. So when she comes across handsome army veteran Nikolai Vasov’s ad for a wife, she does something crazy. She agrees to marry him. Faster than you can say “I do!” Savannah finds herself on a plane to Alaska to meet her destiny.

Wounded in Afghanistan, Nikolai Vasov had all but given up hope of finding a job, wife, and real home. Then his grandfathers offer him steady work and a house-on the condition that he marries and starts a family. From the moment he meets Savannah, something clicks. Their chemistry is off the charts. The sex is out of this world. But even as their dark pasts threaten their future together, these two strangers must soon admit to themselves, and each other, that they’re actually falling in love . . .

NOTE FROM AUTHOR: this book is unscheduled for production at this time.