Lucy Monroe's 2nd Annual Reader Fitness Challenge
Ends March 15th, 2013

'Cuz Romance is Healthy

Welcome to the Second Annual Reader Fitness Challenge! As many of you know, I started my weight loss journey in January of 2012. I have definitely had my challenges, but I'm excited about the successes as well. What I love about this challenge is that it is all about supporting one another. I look forward to hearing your stories and supporting each other into a healthy 2013.

Here's the challenge:
For the next 6 weeks, my family and I are challenging each of you take steps to become healthier. Whether that is changing your eating habits or starting an exercise program, we are challenging to take action. 

There is NO REGISTRATION needed - all are welcome to participate!

Just by participating, you can win prizes from some of my favorite authors, as well as, myself. There will also be a grand prize winner based on participation. You can participate through Facebook, Twitter or my blog. Here's how:

Facebook - every day of the challenge I will post a Daily Fitness Tip. Simply comment about the tip or an encouraging, supportive statement for other's and you'll be entered in the drawings for prizes.

Twitter - Tweet your own fitness tips or an encouraging, supportive statement. Be sure to use #RFC2013 if you want to be entered into the drawings.

Blog - Each Tuesday of the challenge, I will post a question or common issue when it comes to weight loss or making healthy choices. Simply join the conversation by leaving a related message in the comment section.

Prizes!!! Who doesn't love prizes?

Many authors have agreed to give away books throughout the challenge. I will be highlighting them each Friday on the blog. Be sure to stop by catch up on their current work and join the conversation.

Additionally, I will be giving away ONE ereader as the Grand Prize at the end of the challenge. Everyone that participates through Facebook, Twitter and/or blog will be entered to win all the prizes.

All prizes will be announced on Saturday March 16th!

Here are the Winners for 2012:

Grand Prize Winner: Rustynne Dalton

Most Inches Lost: Jenny Muraski

1st Runner Up All Categories:  Chrissy Bollig, Charlene Beverly & Beverly Gordon
2nd Runner Up All Categories: Melody Prater, Shell Bryce & Kathy Key
3rd Runner Up All Categories:  Judy Flohr, Barb Smith, & Lucero Guerrero

There were 72 entrants, 9 author coaches and 1 coordinator (Lucy) in the challenge.
52 actively participated to lose a combined weight of 655 lbs!

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