His Royal Love-Child by Lucy Monroe

    Aug '06 - UK | Sept '06 - Aus/NZ | June '06 - NA

    ISBN 0373125410
    (2nd in trilogy with The Prince's Virgin Wife  and The Scorsolini Marriage Bargain)

    The Scorsolini Princes: proud rulers and passionate lovers, they need convenient wives!

    Danette Michaels knew the rules when she became Principe Marcello Scorsolini’s secret mistress. There would be no marriage, no future, no public acknowledgement. All she’d have was his hard Sicilian body and his undivided passion. At the time, it was enough.

    But Danette can’t be a dirty little secret any longer. She wants all or nothing – and that means their affair is over. 

    Until a pregnancy test changes everything…

    For Lidia Chernichenko, a dear friend and a valued reader. I enjoy our friendship so much and thank you for helping me name the Scorsolini family. And for Theresa Brookins, a wonderful reviewer and another special LFBJ pal. Your presence at my chats always blesses me and thank you for managing my "claim list". Thank you also for having the idea to name the country after the family which gave the main island in Isole dei Re its name. You're both the best!

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    Bestsellers lists:
    #1 for two weeks on Borders Group National Bestselling Series Romance List
    Multiple Weeks on Nielson Bookscan's National Bestselling Romances List, peaking at #9
    #1 Bestselling on eReader.com
    #2 Bestselling on Fictionwise.com

    Reviews & Reader Comments

    what REVIEWERS are saying...

    An emotional journey of love and trust betrayed. ... The interplay between the main characters and their relationships with others is well developed and the subplots interwoven in the story add enough tension for a roller coaster emotional ride. - Audrey Lawrence, Fresh Fiction

    HIS ROYAL LOVE CHILD is an emotionally charged book that will have you reaching for the tissue. - Barb Hicks, The Best Reviews

    This is a satisfying conclusion to this romantic family saga. Claudio and Therese are a charming, well-matched couple whose obvious love for one another shines through heartache and misunderstandings. 4 Stars - Stephanie Schneider, Romantic Times

    HIS ROYAL LOVE-CHILD is exactly the kind of romance I love to read. ... Lucy Monroe is tops at creating incredible alpha heroes who are larger than life, yet balanced by a certain down-to-earth, human appeal. ~ Alane Coppinger, Blue Ribbon Reviews

    I thoroughly enjoyed the witty repartee between Marcello and Danette. 4.5 Stars - Donna Zapf, CataRomance Reviews

    Readers will like Danette’s spunk, intelligence, and honesty. She is not perfect, but neither is Marcello, yet, they fit like peanut butter and jelly or prince and princess. - Nickole Yarbrough, Romance Reviews Today

    Lucy Monroe has written not just an incredible book and an incredible series for her readers and fans. - Contemporary Romance Reviews

    I couldn’t put it down until I had finished it. - Helen Slifer, Writers Unlimited

    what READERS are saying...

    "Hi! I've never been to your blog before. I was directed here from another blog. Anyway it's quite nice. I just read my first book of yours, "His Royal Love-Child". I'm going to be honest, I was positive that I wasn't going to like it b/c I thoughts that Harlequin Presents were very stereotypical, y'know, weak heroines, domineering males, the whole bit. But, as I like to see for myself before making a judgment, and a couple of people recommended your books, I bought it. And loved it! It's so nice to be pleasantly surprised. It was really well done, imho, but as I reviewed it elsewhere, I won't go into the whole thing. I'm looking forward to the last one in trilogy, though I can't find it, and I will definitely be checking out other titles by you." ~ Devon

    "Finished this book last night. Loved it. I really loved Marcello and Dannette's relationship. And there is just something so sexy about his name!!" ~ Kelley

    "Well, Lucy has done it again. His Royal Love-Child is another fantastic, passionate, sexy 5 star read. The Chemistry between Marcello and Danette was wonderful and I love the secondary storyline of King Vincente and Flavia. I can hardly wait to read Claudio and Therese story and find out what happens with Vincente and Flavia." ~ Amy

    "Ms. Monroe - I have been a reader of Harlequin Presents for many years now and this is the first time I have contacted an author. I just wanted to say, how much I really enjoyed your book and I loved both characters a great deal and found myself very animated as I read the book. I really like when a male character is not afraid to take physical care of his lady love. Although a prince, Marcello did not shy away from caring for Danette and to stand up for her against his father. We all love it when those we love are not afraid to show it. Thanks for a great book." - Michelle

    "Hi Lucy - the Hqn Presents shipment came yesterday, so of course I spent the evening - and part of the night - reading yours first. I love it! I love it! Your Marcello is gorgeous and adorable; but we expect that of your men. Happily, again you have chosen to make the h. attractive but not excessively so - for which thousands of women will thank you. <snip spoilers> I was deeply impressed by the considerable tension in the story, which is mostly psychological, between H/h. I realize how hard that is to do, and not many could hope to bring it off successfully. They certainly could not sustain pages and pages of dialogue, which is so riveting that the reader leans forward a little, anxious to turn the page. Psychological tension is my personal fave. I'm not much for contrived, cliffhanging 'tension'. Nor do I like a laid-back H who suddenly becomes consumed with jealousy - always good for 'tension' - if you're not fussy, that is. And your h. makes her point without sounding as if she is auditioning for a part in The Bickertons. <snip> You know, when I read TPVB, and saw that your next book would be about Tomasso's younger brother Marcello, I thought: How can Lucy hope to make Marcello as fascinating as Tomasso--But you did! Oh, yes, you did." ~ Kate

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