Blackmailed Into Marriage by Lucy Monroe

    ISBN #0-3731-2484-8

    Jul '05 - UK ~ July '05 Aus/NZ ~ Aug '05 - North America

    Lia had turned her back on her rich aristocratic family. But now she needs their help to save her daughter. Their response - to sell her off to the highest bidder.   Damian Marquez prizes Lia’s blue blood – he was stripped of his own title at birth. Lia is the perfect brood-mare, who can provide him with an heir – and a spare! 

    But, as the wedding night looms, Lia knows the truth will out – because Damian doesn’t know she can’t be his in the marriage bed…

    In memory of my dear friend and fellow writer, Paulette Jerrells, and with much love for the rest of our chapter, Olympia RWA.  Many thanks for taking this amazing journey with me.

    Reader Letter

    One in three women has a physiological sexual dysfunction, which means her body physically responds to lovemaking in a negative way.  The most common of these dysfunctions being vulvadynia, but vaginismus is not nearly as rare as many medical doctors would like to believe, nor is it always the result of sexual trauma.  Although pain related to sexuality is the leading identifiable cause.  I wrote this book for the tens of thousands of women who suffer in silence believing there is something wrong with them.  Only one in ten will seek treatment and of those, less than thirty percent will be willing to undergo physiological treatment such as the dilation procedure for vaginismus.  While most who do seek treatment will take much longer to see healing than Lia, with the right treatment healing is possible.  I hope that if you are one of the women suffering in silence, you will be silent no longer, but most of all that you will realize that it’s not your fault – no more than it was Kaylee’s fault in the story that she was born with a heart defect.  She got her happy ending and I hope you get yours too.

    A wonderful resource for women struggling with their sexuality and for vag sufferers is

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    what REVIEWERS are saying...

    BLACKMAILED INTO MARRIAGE is a well-written Presents about a sensitive subject and is superbly handled by Lucy Monroe. Highly recommended! 4 Stars - The Romance Review

    BLACKMAILED INTO MARRIAGE is passionate, thoroughly engaging and a wonderful story from beginning to end. - Blue Ribbon Reviews

    Blackmailed into Marriage will tug at your heartstrings. - Writers Unlimited Reviews

    Lucy Monroe packs a ton of emotion in this book. It will stay with you long after you are finished reading. - Reader Review exotic location, mysterious secrets and a simmering romance which make for an intriguing read! 4 Stars - Cataromance Reviews

    BLACKMAILED INTO MARRIAGE is a wonderful, feel good book that will leave you with warm fuzzies after it is over. - The Best Reviews

    Lucy touched a delicate topic that affects many women, and created a very supportive hero… a hero most of us women would love to have in real life. - Amelia Hernandez

    For a romantic, passionate romance with an unusual premise, grab BLACKMAILED INTO MARRIAGE; it's a winner. - Romance Reviews Today

    what other AUTHORS and BOOKSELLERS are saying...  

    Lucy - I was forced, FORCED I tell you to miss out on some of the exciting parties in Reno because I was upstairs in my room reading Blackmailed Into Marriage. LOVED IT. Finished it before I left for home! - Jill Monroe

    what READERS are saying...

    "Dear Lucy, I have reread Blackmailed Into Marriage at least ten times since I borrowed from the library on 3rd January, 2006 (I have renewed it twice). I love Lia, Kaylee and Damian to bits!  Generally, I prefer Tender Romance because I sometimes find the men in Modern Romances too overpowering. I love the way you write your male characters, Damian's strength is phenomenal and yet he is incredibly considerate and patient. I have since read The Greek's Innocent Virgin, which I also loved. I am now a huge fan of yours and look forward to your future offerings. Regards." ~ Lexy

    "Hi! First of all, I want to say that I love your stories. I read " The Real Deal" when it came out and I've been hooked on your books ever since. I just read "Blackmailed into Marriage" and I was super-excited about to read about Kaylee's heart defect (not that it's a good thing). It's just that I work for a medical device company that makes devices for people who have holes in their heart, and it offers an alternative to surgery and takes half the recovery time (just like in the book). I was surprised at first because not a lot of people are aware of the defect or the procedure. Then I got really excited because it could've been one of our devices! Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how much I love your stories and I look forward to more. I just bought Willing so it'll keep me occupied for the next few days!" ~ Pa Lee

    "Just finished reading Blackmailed Into Marriage. Great story & you send a valuable message to all the women who suffer sexual dysfunction. I hope by reading this book, the readers would advise family or friends who suffer vaginismus to seek help. Women need to feel loved not feeling at fault & suffer in silence. So far I have only read 
    The Italian's Suitable Wife, The Sheikh's Bartered Bride & The Greek's Innocent Virgin. You created a great story in each book. Do keep on writing the good stories. Looking forward to your next book. All the best :)" - Reader

    "Lucy just to say that I've snuck in finishing Blackmailed into Marriage even though I'm meant to focusing on finishing my ms. I loved the book, it dealt with a sensitive subject so warmly and also showed there can be a lot more depth to a Presents hero than 'anti alpha' people imagine. Thanks so much for such a good read." ~ Carol

    "Lucy -- read your Blackmailed Into Marriage and have been gabbing it up ever since. In fact, I was just talking about it to my cousin yesterday and once she finally figured out what I was trying to say (had a little trouble pronouncing "vaginismus") she told me she actually treats patients for that (she's a physiotherapist). Huh, who knew? It was nice though, since you explained the problem and the treatment so well, she for once didn't need to dumb anything down for me before she could gabble on about theories and possibilities. So, not only did I learn something new (which I love), but I got to connect with my cousin about her work a bit more. Thanks for that! Also, ditto to what Carol said. When I was telling my sister about it (told you, I've been gabbing it up) and about how Damian handled the situation, she said "So he just made it part of the foreplay? That's so sweet." Alphas are not generally known for their sweetness, but I have to agree with her on this one. Way sweet." ~ Janine

    "I love your stories, especially Blackmailed into Marriage. It talked about women, how they hide it and a man strong enough to accept his wife's problem and help her to overcome it. Thank you for this story." ~ Mary Grace

    "Lucy!!!! What a great book, I loved it.. and a very needed subject to tackle there, and you did a wonderful job of it also :o) and, it's your fault I'm up at 5:30 am having woken up at 3 am, lol. hada finish the book since I woke you feel guilty?? lol Lots of hugs," ~ Lin 

    "I just finished "Blackmailed into Marriage" moments ago and was struck by the desire to contact you. <snip plot spoiler> In summation, I guess I really just want to say "thank-you" for branching out past the normal plot lines and giving women something more than fleeting romance. In "Blackmailed into Marriage" you give women sexual inspiration/hope and show that intimacy is much more than the "sex" portrayed in modern culture and media. I plan to pass on my copy to some of my female friends =)" ~ Thanks again, Nadia

    "This wonderful love story so touched my heart. The storyline portrays the complete trust both characters learned to have in each's just an incredible journey for Lia and Damian. Blackmailed Into Marriage is five stars and so much more!" Marilyn Shoemaker

    "I think you know by now that you can't write a book that I won't love. You went over the top with this one. You actually dared to write about a woman who was not perfect. Not in looks, but in mind. (Does that make sense?) I was reading the book and I kept thing, OMG, a real woman with a real problem. It moved me. And when your hero was so gentle and supportive, well, it made me feel gooey inside. Made me think that that is how my hubby would react. (He'd BETTER!!)" - Pat

    "I am 3/4 of the way through Blackmailed Into Marriage and am loving it! Wow, what a poignant book, what a ground-breaking novel! Truly wonderful, and so HOT! I'm glad Kimberley took a chance on it because I believe it will win LOTS of awards :))" ~ Serena

    "The characters really got to me, the story had so much heartache, passion and family in it that I felt really touched by it." ~ Clare from the UK

    "I just finished 'Blackmailed Into Marriage'. Lucy you have written one of the most beautiful stories I have read in a while. You could really feel Lia's anguish for her daughter and for her intimacy issues. Damian was a prize, he really was a special man and the perfect partner for Lia. Awesome book." Hugs, Judy F

    "Wow, Lucy, I am absolutely awed at your book I just finished, 'Blackmailed into Marriage'. I love all your books, but you certainly outdid yourself with this one. It is one of the most sensual, passionate, AND compassionate book I’ve read in ages and ages. Don’t know where you come up with your ideas, but PLEASE just keep those wonderful books coming." ~ Judy S

    "Oh Lucy...I just finished reading 'Blackmailed Into Marriage' (I'm a Reader's Service subscriber) that isn't really do out on the shelves until August. What a very informative and compelling story. You even had me researching the affliction the heroine had as I'd never heard of it before. And WOW! <snip spoiler> Very moving indeed and I'd recommend this read to everyone for sure!!! Another GREAT one again Lucy! Thanks for sharing this story too!" ~ Joni

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